Mountain Chicken

So my dad and I were out driving in the mountains one morning and randomly we heard this like weird clucking and saw this mountain chicken running next to us, or what I called a mountain chicken because it looked just like one. All the sudden though, when my dad was attempting to get a picture of it, it just flew away and I remembered chickens don't fly. Turns out it wasn't a mountain chicken but a wild grouse; however, I maintain it was a chicken because it sounds better as mountain chicken than mountain grouse. 


  1. Actually, you're mostly right about the chicken part... in Kansas, we have Prairie Chickens which are a type of grouse, and they can fly :)

  2. I guess they can fly. Cool. Maybe farm chickens have their wings clipped? Anybody know?

  3. Well, a the 'Mountain Chicken' is a name already taken. Look it up for yourselves!