Hotel Adventures Part 2

I figure the worst place to put a mirror is across from the bathroom.

Hotel Adventures Part 1

Chapter Ones

I was reading this book earlier this month, and every time there was a new section(which was a lot!) there was a new chapter and I guess it shouldn't bother me, but it did. A lot!

1984 Joke

So in class we had to read 1984 and I did an end of the year project on the book and while I was glancing at some propaganda from the book I saw the big brother poster and thought what about little brother...and that's how this comic happened.

Rock Climbing

I'm sure most people get a tad embarrassed when you go rock climbing with your friends or family who are basically experts at climbing and they ask if you need help but you want to show off a little and end up not being able to get up the rock at all. It's happened to me once or twice and it is quite the embarrassing event when it's all said and done.

Mountain Chicken

So my dad and I were out driving in the mountains one morning and randomly we heard this like weird clucking and saw this mountain chicken running next to us, or what I called a mountain chicken because it looked just like one. All the sudden though, when my dad was attempting to get a picture of it, it just flew away and I remembered chickens don't fly. Turns out it wasn't a mountain chicken but a wild grouse; however, I maintain it was a chicken because it sounds better as mountain chicken than mountain grouse. 

Mountain Driving

The first time my dad took me driving, we were up in the mountains and he told me to take it to a little bit of a higher speed, and the minute I did I freaked out and ended up smashing both feet on the brake with about 3 feet to spare between the car and the tree. That was an experience I never want to relive but it was most definitely exciting.

Marry Me Crazy

My dad and I were sitting on the floor playing with his new computer and decided to listen to a couple podcasts or educational excerpts from experienced psychologists and one of the guys was talking about how people just randomly turn crazy and then my dad was telling me about this story where a woman was being forced to do something by her husband and it drove her crazy and she killed him, so I figured "Hey! Why not make a little pun off the real world?"

Weird Looking

When I first made these guys I was working on a project for school and had some scraps of paper I decided they were a bit funny looking and figured they deserved the right to make fun of themselves. So they did~!